Scooters Line Dancing was formed in February 2012 by Pauline Walshe.  The classes range from beginners to intermediate and has recently relocated to a spacious and modern venue in Loftus Recreation Centre.


About Scooters Modern Line Dancing

Scooters new dance venue has the capacity of up to 60 members allowing for plenty of dance floor space for every individual. The dances are particularly selected for their interesting and challenging choreography and music choice.  

The music is more contemporary yet appeals to a broad demographic. The beginners classes are of a low impact nature progressing into the more energetic intermediate class.  The class duration is 60 minutes. 



Q.“I have never danced before. Can I join in at any time?”
A. I recommend joining a new beginners class and learning from the start.

Q. “I have previously attended Line Dancing classes and was quite good. Can I join a beginner’s class at any time?”
A. Yes, come along to a Beginner/Improver class anytime. If you have previously done Line Dancing and are familiar with the terminology and patterns then it shouldn’t take you too long to learn the dances.

Q. “Do you play a lot of country music”?
A. No. The majority of my music is quite modern.

Q. “What should I wear to class?”
A. Wear casual comfortable clothing. My current members wear anything from gym attire to slacks and a t-shirt.

Q. “What should I wear on my feet?”
A. The dance venue is sprung boarded. I recommend a rubber sole such as dance sneaker,  runner or sand shoe.  Good idea to take a spare pair of footwear or a pair of sockettes to put over your sole.

Q. “What should I bring with me?”
A. A bottle of water and your $15 fee payable by cash.

Q. “Is there parking nearby?”
A. There is free parking available on site for 3 hours with a ticket displayed. Most parking is available at the Library next door.

Further questions please contact Pauline directly on
0431 969 164 or


Pauline Walshe

As a child Pauline attended ‘The Jean Birse School of Dance’ for 10 years.  She was very much involved in her high schools sports scene and competed in many tournaments.  She studied music for 6 years and was involved in her schools concert band, orchestra and choir as well as performing in the local theatre company.

In 2010 Pauline went to the West Coast Institute of Training and obtained a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training. She had been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for 6 years with a particular interest in Special Needs fitness.

She formed her first company Moove2Groove Fitness in 2011.  She instructed shallow and deep water classes at Lords and HBF Stadium for over 4 years as well as introducing and developing a Circuit Class for the Over 55’s which to date is still one of the more popular programmes offered to the senior population.

It’s through these experiences and the recognition of her skills to motivate and entertain she became involved in Line Dancing and formed her second company Scooters Modern Line Dancing.

For the past 6 years Pauline has been gaining invaluable experience through her Line Dancing instruction and currently teaches 3 classes per week ranging from Beg/Improvers to Intermediate levels. 

In June 2015 she was asked to do a Corporate Line Dancing Event and has since performed at 12 events throughout Perth’s metropolitan area. She consistently challenges herself to offer a unique service using her extraordinary enthusiasm and humour to incorporate a sense of fun to all classes and performances